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· Начало

· Бизнес за Вас
- Телефонен център
- Предплатени карти

· Цени
- Тарифи MiniTelecom
- Хардуер

· Продукти:
- CashManager VoIP billing system:
+ + модул за тел. център
+ + модул за предплатени карти

- Хардуер:
++ HandyTone ATA 286
++ Cisco ATA 186
++ BudgeTone-100
++ PhoneJACK card
++ LineJACK card

· Подръжка
- Често задавани

- Свържете се с нас
- аквичоп - оферти за почивка


Realize an earnings with a VoIP technology

* Are You looking for a new Internet technology, with which you can expand your hereby business?
* Do you want to begin a perspective business, who requires a minimal initial investition?
* Do you need a quiality and trustworthy VoIP hardware and software decisions?
* Do you want to use the best prices of phone and fax services in the VoIP industry?

If Your answer is “YES”, then MiniTelecom will give you everything what is needed to start immediately.

The products and services, offered from MiniTelecom are dedicated for building of very innovative VoIP decitions, through which you can maximally to use the advantages and the possibilities of the IP telephony. We can offer to you a products, through which you can very easy and with a lot of low primary investitions to become a high quality and concurrent able provider of Internet telephony. We can offer a hopeful phone and fax services at the best low cost prices in the VoIP industry – at every one point in the world.

Convince yourself alone:

  • International telephony – USA 0.039$, Canada 0.039$, Germany 0.037$, France 0.044$ and much more...
  • Bulgarian telephony – Sofia 0.046$, Plovdiv 0.06$,  GSM Mobiltel 0.204$   and more...

MiniTelecom offers to You:
- a high quality and hopeful VoIP products.
- the best low service prices per minute conversation in the VoIP industry
- competition possibilities and business protection
- the real possibility to begin one perspective and winning business



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