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- CashManager VoIP billing system:
+ + модул за тел. център
+ + модул за предплатени карти

- Хардуер:
++ HandyTone ATA 286
++ Cisco ATA 186
++ BudgeTone-100
++ PhoneJACK card
++ LineJACK card

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VoIP billing system Web CashManager – PhoneCenter module

The serving of Yours phone center is made by tax (billing) system Web CashMAnager in real time. When you use Web CashManager, You can make fully automatic the rendering and taxing of the conducted calls. Web CashManager gives you the opportunity to keep on watch the financial incomes of Your phone center.

      PhoneCenter Module Benefits:

        • Real-time Billing and Sytem Monitoring
            Money transactions are made with single click only. You can monitor the established connections as they are placed.
        • User-Friendly Web Interface
            The web interface afford Operating System mobility
        • Session based accounting
            Every operator have his own session for the workday. Thereby prevent mistakes and help for fraud detection. Session monitoring.
        • Multi-Pay Function.
            The client is able to make many calls and pay them at once.

Home page

The access at the system is web based, protected with a passwords for access. To the clients are given two types of access – Operator and Administrator. Here is listed the interface of the administrator’s type of access. It has all operator functions, and at it is included the administration module.
Web CashManager gives You a security of the data. The dangerous position of losing data is insignificant. Eliminated is the opportunity of the operators in the phone center to change the data, and through this way to damage your financial incomes.
Web CashManager supplies you with mobility: you can at distance to check your flowing incomes from the centre, also and to see a sessions with a data from last time and to generalize them.

Administrative module

The administration module gives the next possibilities:
  • Leading in the end user level prices per minute call time for every one destination.
  • Checking the financial balance of Your account in real time.

Price list

Through the billing system Web CashManager you have a possibility alone to set the end price for every destination per minute calling time. IT is very important to note that MiniTelecom does not impose an end user prices for your clients, and we do not put a limit of your incomes and gain.

The price table has the next columnes:
  • Number of row;
  • Name of Country;
  • Phone Code;
  • Price per minute calling time from MiniTelecom at You (in USD);
  • Price per minute calling time to your clients – You define that module. (It is recommended to be in BGL)

User account

Interface with a data for the user account.

Here you can inform yourself about what kind a period of time and with what amount you has filled your user account.
At this way you can review what kind of incomes you are investing in the account for a dedicated period of time.
With a one account you pay all calls through your system independent by the type of the system you have – one or many ports.
The filling of your financial balance of the account is made in advance. The payments with MiniTelecom is made by wire bank transfer or in cash.

Operator’s module

That’s are the basic links – functions of Web CashManager, which are used by the operators at serving of the phone center. When the operator begin the work day, he/she creates a new work session. In it are recorded all calls conducted through the system. The operator is serving all conducted calls, and at the end of the work day is closing his own session.

Current session
In that window are appear all conducted (ended ) calls. That’s are still unpaid calls. The payment can be done, when you mark the exact call or group of calls and with clicking of the buton “PAY” these calls are coming with status “Paid”. So if they are paid at once as group of calls, their general amount is calculated. It is reserved and the possibility these conducted calls to be unpaid, but to be served.Then they become with a status “Unpaid”.

Watching a session

Watching an running session. Here the calls can have the next three types of status:
  • paid
  • unpaid
  • unserverd
It is reserved a possibility every one call to change its status, until the session is active. For example: Unpaid call can be made as paid, and so on.

Listing of sessions

That is the listing of ALL sessions. They have its own status:
  • Open - current session at the present working moment;
  • Closed - Ended session ( you receive information by hour and date of its creation).;
It is reserved and a possibility to extract a full listing of sessions for a last time.

Listing of ended sessions

Hereby are shown the calls for an ended session. You dispose with a detailed information:
  • Hour and date by creating of the session;
  • Number of calls in time of the session;
  • Number of minutes summarized calls through the system for that time;
  • Financial incomes in the cash register made by calls;
  • Number of unserved and in cash unserved calls;
  • Exact information about the conducted calls;
Hereby are shown the basic functions and possibilities of Web CashManager.



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