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- Телефонен център
- Предплатени карти

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- Тарифи MiniTelecom
- Хардуер

· Продукти:
- CashManager VoIP billing system:
+ + модул за тел. център
+ + модул за предплатени карти

- Хардуер:
++ HandyTone ATA 286
++ Cisco ATA 186
++ BudgeTone-100
++ PhoneJACK card
++ LineJACK card

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Business with a prepaid phonecards.

With the products of MiniTelecom You can easily build a hopeful VoIP phone station at a very advantageous price.
The possibility to offer an international phone calls at attractive price through the selling of prepaind phonecards, will give you the opportunity for generating of one high growing gain, at a very low selfcost and a minimal primary investition.

For the building of Yours VoIP phone station for conducting of international phone calls, You will need :

  1. Internet connection – BG Peering
  2. Phone Lines from BTC (Bulgarian Phone Company) connected at series.
  3. VoIP gateway with FXO interface or Cisco ATA 186 adapter + FXS2FXO convertor
  4. Personal computer (middle class) who is needed to:
                     - administer the user accounts;
                     - to set Your end level user prices per minute calling time for every one destination;
                     - to make a monitoring of the system;
                     - to build a financial and verification reports for a previous period of time;

    The billing system is working on a servers of MiniTelecom. At us, the information will be preserved for all user accounts and history for conducted calls of your clients. You have a full web-based access at that information always, at any time, protected by a security password levels in the system.

    MiniTelecom offers the best low level prices per minute calling time at every one destination in the world: USA 0.039$ Canada 0.039$ Germany 0.037$ France 0.044$ and much more...

    You set the end user level price of calling time at every one destination, and through this way you generate Yours level of incomes and gain

    More information about the PrepaidCards module of Web CashManager billing system you can find here...



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