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- CashManager VoIP billing system:
+ + модул за тел. център
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++ HandyTone ATA 286
++ Cisco ATA 186
++ BudgeTone-100
++ PhoneJACK card
++ LineJACK card

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VoIP billing system Web CashManager – PrepaidCards module

   Web CashManager grants to you the possibility of development of business with prepaid cards. Through that type of services the clients are connected through the public phone network with Yours VoIP access points. After the connecting is made with your phone station, the client authorises himself through the butons of his home phone with an username and password. At a positive financial balance of his account he is connecting with the desired phone number. The interractive voice system (IVR) is bringing him through the whole process of authorisation. The control and the configuration of a system are made through Web CashManager, which functions we will explane down. Web CashManager is created with the aim of easy and intuitive work and development of a business with a prepaid cards, with a necessity of minimal investitions.

Web CashManager gives you two levels of access – operator and administrator.
   The system gives possibility to the operator only to renew the accounts balances, to see the full history of the conducted calls and connected users in real time. That’s are the main serving functons.
    The administrator has a full control over the work of the system. So that’s are some of his access rights:

Add Users
List Of Users
Transactions History
Recharge Account
Edit Price List
Price Rules
View Calls
View Online Users

- Add Users

 From that menu you can create a new users for your system. In the first field is present the number of the new users. The second is for the amount with which the accounts can be recharged. It is recorded in stotinki. For example: for a card with amount of 15 leva, you should enter 1500. After entering the number of users and the financial amount in their accounts, it is reminded when the account should be activated. It is important to note, that one account is valid of six months after its activating. For definning of the primary date are included the next options :
     - Activate in First Use - In that variant the account is activated at the first connecting of the client.
     - Activate later - That option creates unactivated accounts, which must be activated by hand.
     - Activate by default - The accounts are activated at their creation.
After you has filled all fields, you should click the buton “Add” for to confirm the process of creating. Seconds after the clicking, on the monitor before you will be listed a list roll with the names and the passwords of the new accounts.

- List Of Users

 That menu gives you the opportunity to check all created at this moment accounts. That can be done by the navigation butons in the top of the page. The fields which are listed at the request of exact group are :
     - User - User number
     - Pass - The password for the exact number
     - Data - Date of activating of the account, ot date of last recharging
     - Cash - the rest amount of financial balance in the account
     - Status - is the account enabled or disabled
     - Select - through that field you can choose between exact accounts and change their status respectively to enabled, disabled or Drop – deleting of that user

- Transactions History

 In that section are located the groups with the created at this moment accounts. Here are listed the data of creation, number of the accounts and the amount of its first financial charging. From the field Control it can be open a speciffic group of accounts, and there the options are like these of “List of users”

- Recharge Account

 If it has a pointed user number in that section, you will receive access at a speciffic options about the exact user. From here are added money at his account, checking of the list with made calls or password changing is also available. Also there is a option to activate or deactivate the account, as and the opportunity to change the data of the last recharging of the account with the current date extraordinarily without recharging.

- Edit Price List

 That is the page, from where is set the General price list dedicated to the prepaid cards. The countries are arranged by alphabetical line. When a page is requested with an exact countries, you can see the next information shown above You: the name of the country and its phone code. The price of what you buy a minute call time in USD, and the end price, which is set by You. Its desirable your price to be in BGL.

- Price Rules


 Web CashManager offers to you uncreable elasticity. From the menu Price Rules you can create a speciffic price list which can be activated in a scheduled time – a hour diapason or a scheduled day. That tool gives you the possibility to do the night tariffs low costable than the day tariffs, or a special price list for Sunday and holidays. The creating of the price list can be done from the menu Custom Price Lists. After its creation, it must be associated with a rule for its activating.

- View Calls
 At that page are shown all calls for an exact date, user or phone number. By default are listed the calls for the same day.

- View Online Users  

 Here are listed all users who are connected at the moment, as it has shown for every one of them, with what destination is calling and the time of logging in the system.



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